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The Mind and Cognition group at the University of Edinburgh invite applications for a taught MSc programme (commencing September 2012) in Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition. Students will tackle the key questions that are at the heart of the recent renaissance in the philosophical and scientific study of the embodied and environmentally embedded mind. The programme draws on teaching from across the university, but students will be based in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. In addition to courses offered as a part of the programme students will have the opportunity to enrol on relevant courses in Psychology, Linguistics, Informatics, and beyond.

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Edinburgh provides a world-leading environment to study philosophy of mind and cognitive science. The Mind and Cognition group include as Core Faculty:
  • Andy Clark, working on the philosophical foundations of cognitive science and mind as an embodied and situated phenomenon.
  • Jesper Kallestrup works on mind and metaphysics, and provides a bridge to the Epistemology grouping led by Duncan Pritchard.
  • Jane Suilin Lavelle joined the group in April 2011, and works on social cognition and theory of mind.
  • Matthew Nudds, working on the philosophy of perception and action, with a special focus on auditory perception
  • Mark Sprevak joined the group in January 2011, and works on metaphysical and epistemological issues in philosophy of mind and cognitive science.
  • Tillmann Vierkant works on agency and the will and provides a bridge to the world-class Ethics grouping led by Mike Ridge.
  • Dave Ward joined the group in August 2011, and works on philosophy of mind with a special focus on the role of perception and action in cognition.
In addition, there are a number of other members of faculty with interests in mind and cognition, including Matthew Chrisman, Pauline Phemister, Mike Ridge, and Duncan Pritchard. The group benefits hugely from regular contact with the nearby School of Informatics, Departments of Psychology, and Linguistics, and the Human Cognitive Neuroscience unit.
Regular seminars and reading groups include:
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