Friday, November 16, 2012

Warren McCulloch and His Circle in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

Every decade or so I have to write a history of science paper to keep up pretenses of being an historian and philosopher of science.  So, this issue includes my efforts.  Now I can rest until 2020.

There are some very interesting articles I'm personally very interested in reading.  They are available for free download here until December 16, 2012.

Thanks much to Tara Abraham for inviting me to participate in this special issue.

McCulloch's work on cybernetics should be of interest to embodied/extended folks because it presents a way of thinking about closed causal loops that does not make of them what many embodied/extended folks wish to make of them.  History provides some insight into alternative ways of thinking.  Not that that is the only use of history, but it is a use that non-historians might have.

Friday, November 9, 2012

$15,000 fellowships for MA in philosophy at Georgia State University

The Master's program of the Philosophy Department at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia is accepting applications from qualified students for its two Neurophilosophy Fellowships, its Legal/Political Philosophy Scholarship, its German Philosophy Scholarship, and its Assistantships. All funding packages cover two years of full tuition.  Fellowships and scholarships provide $15,000/year, and Assistantships provide $5,000-$10,000/year. 

Initial application deadline: February 1, 2013.

The M.A. program at GSU is highly ranked by the Philosophical Gourmet Report, and it has had great success in placing its students in well-regarded Ph.D. programs. More information about the department and on application procedures can be found at

Thank you for your help in distributing this information.

Andrea Scarantino

Andrea Scarantino
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Neuroscience Institute
Georgia State University