Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mike Wheeler's Extended X

This past week or so I have been reading through Wheeler's draft of his manuscript on extended mind, etc. (It's online here.) Although he is going to end up on "The Dark Side", there is a lot I appreciate about what he has so far.

1. It is clearly written and well-organized.
2. It seems to me to give a very fair reading of the stuff by Adams and Aizawa.
3. It embraces a lot of the stuff by Adams and Aizawa! So, it doesn't merely "tow the party line" on extended cognition.
4. It indicates some of the fault lines in the extended cognition movement. I appreciate this, since when I point out fault lines, it merely comes across as criticism, rather than analysis.

I think that this will be a formidable work in the extended cognition literature when it comes out.

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