Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Embodiment of Life: The Legacy of Francisco Varela

conference at City University London, Wednesday June 1, in the Birley Lecture Theatre of the Centenary Building.
Francisco Varela was one of the most innovative and influential cognitive scientists of the last 50 years. His unique ability to blend deep knowledge of neuroscience, European philosophy and Tibetan Buddhism has had a profound affect on our understanding of the immune system, embodied cognition, and the relationship between brain and consciousness. To mark the 10th anniversary of his untimely death, this symposium brings together some of those who knew Francisco and explores the way his work continues to guide investigations of human nature of many different kinds.
Among those taking part will be Stephen Batchelor (Buddhist teacher), Michel Bitbol (Philosopher), Paul Bourgine (Engineer), John Protevi (Philosopher) and Antonino Raffone (Neuroscientist).
Registration here. Program here.

(From John Protevi's post at New APPS)

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