Saturday, May 15, 2010

What C-C Fallacy? 1

Many readers of The Bounds of Cognition, and papers by Adams and Aizawa, are skeptical that anyone commits the C-C fallacy or that it is at all prevalent.  So, for example, in Supersizing the Mind, Clark writes,
Now, it is certainly true (and this, I think, is one important fact to which Adams and Aizawa’s argument quite properly draws the reader’s attention) that not just any old kind of coupling will achieve this result.  But as far as I am aware, nobody in the literature has ever claimed otherwise.  It is not the mere presence of a coupling that matters but the effect of the coupling—the way it poises (or fails to poise) information for a certain kind of use within a specific kind of problem-solving routine.  (Clark, 2008, p. 87)

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