Saturday, October 23, 2010

Epistemology and Extended Cognition

As I noted in an earlier post, next month (November 24), Duncan Pritchard will be heading up a workshop on this topic.  The speakers are Krist Vaesen, Tom Roberts, Evan Butts, Orestis Palermos, Chris Kelp, and Richard Menary.

Although I have mostly been blogging on Gibsonian topics that I have been reading on background, I have been working more seriously on this topic of epistemology and extended cognition, reading such papers as I can get a hold of.  For example, I have found Duncan Pritchard's recent "Cognitive ability and the extended cognition thesis" in Synthese very interesting.  Although I am not convinced that things will work out as Pritchard, and others, expect, there does seem to me to be some fruitful points of exchange between the various forms of "virtue epistemology" and extended cognition.  There are a lot of reasonably subtle issues that merit attention.

Moreover, I understand that Pritchard and Andy Clark are planning another event on this topic for next year, so I hope others will be encouraged to take it up.

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