Thursday, January 27, 2011

Julian & Mirko Nurturing the Mind

Here they do that, while here I enjoy some Lagavulin.


  1. thanks for posting Ken but it needs a final "tidy-up" ... :P

  2. My pleasure, Mirko.

    In truth, I read the paper early this afternoon and sent Julian (and you, I hope (it was an odd e-mail address)) a list of a few typos. I also have a few posts on the paper that I plan to put up maybe late next week. I could send those to you via e-mail, if you like.

  3. sure. much appreciated. yes please do send you comments along.

    I'm afraid I haven't received anything so far. maybe Julian did. (?) don't know. for further correspondence you can hit me at


    ah yea, it is my pleasure :)

  4. ahhhhhh right ok. got your email. Julian has forwarded it to me.. thanks

  5. Hi Ken,

    If you enjoy Lagavulin then you can't be all bad! ;) I'll send you a copy of my chapter in Allhoff's Whisky and Philosophy collection. slainte....

  6. I'll settle for mostly bad.

    In fact, I even prefer that 1991 distiller's edition of Lagavulin that was finished in sherry barrels. I was a bit dubious of that as somewhat gimmicky, but I did enjoy the sweetness on the front with the smooth smokey finish.

    I look forward to your whisky chapter. I hope we don't have to fight about that too!

  7. Hi Richard. how are things down under??? say hello to John if you have an opening to do so :P
    can I get a copy of your chapter?
    let us know what you think about our paper...your opinion matters to us!