Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Post-doctoral position on the Theoretical Foundations of Embodied Cognition

Organization: Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of the Basque Country
Location: San Sebastián, Spain
Field: Computer science - Cybernetics
PhD or equivalent in Computer science;
4 years research experience in cybernetics;
English: excellent;
Knowledge of theories of embodied cognition. Modelling skills using evolutionary approaches and dynamical systems;
Skills in physical simulation and dynamical neural networks. Knowledge of different theories of human movement.
As part of the eSMCs EU project, we are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to work on the theoretical foundations of embodied cognition through the formulation of minimal models of visually-guided movement and skill acquisition. The post is for 3 years and candidates must have a PhD in embodied cognition and experience in modelling using evolutionary robotics techniques
The new European project on “Extending Sensorimotor Contingencies to Cognition” (eSMCs) comprises a strong network of neuroscientists, AI experts, roboticists, cognitive scientists and philosophers. Its main objective is to extend notions of sensorimotor embodiment to more complex forms of cognitive performance using theoretical work as well as computational and robotic models. It will also involve behavioural and neurophysiological studies in healthy human subjects and those with movement dysfunction. As part of this project, we are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher for 3 years to work on the theoretical foundations of embodied cognition through the formulation of models of multi-modal skill acquisition, arm movements and locomotion. Suitable candidates would have experience in theoretical of embodied cognition including some of the following: sensorimotor theories of perception, non-representationalist theories of action, and enactive approaches to autonomy, agency and meaning. Candidates should have a theoretical and modelling background with a recent PhD in one of these areas. They should also demonstrate a willingness to engage in productive dialogue with empirical and modelling research.
Deadline: 21-03-2011

Phone number: phone +34 943 018549

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