Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weiskopf on Embodied Cognition

There is what I think is a very nice paper by Weiskopf dealing with embodied cognition in a slightly out of the way place, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.   Additionally, there is a reply to Weiskopf by Raymond Gibbs and Marcus Perlman and a rejoinder by Weiskopf.  I have not read the latter two, but I think it should be a useful exchange.

I remember the first time I heard Dan give this paper, I was sitting with Fred Adams, and Fred kept saying, "That's what I'm gonna say!"  So, there are commonalities between Fred's paper that has just appeared in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences and Dan's. 

Coincidentally, the volume of SHPS was edited by someone familiar to the EC crowd, Mark Sprevak.  It is a special issue on Computation and Cognitive Science.  That guy Aizawa has a paper in the collection as well.

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