Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My paper "Consciousness: Don't Give up on the Brain" is Now Officially in Print

Thanks, Basile, Julian, and Pauline for all the editorial work!

Consciousness: Don't Give up on the Brain (2010). In Pierfrancesco, B., Kiverstein, J., & Phemister, (Eds.) The Metaphysics of Consciousness: Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, 67. (pp. 263-284).

In the extended mind literature, one sometimes finds the claim that there is no neural correlate of consciousness.  Instead, there is a biological or ecological correlate of consciousness.  Consciousness, it is claimed, supervenes on an entire organism in action.  Alva Noë is one of the leading proponents of such a view.  This paper resists Noë’s view.  First, it challenges the evidence he offers from neuroplasticity.  Second, it presses a problem with paralysis.  Third, it draws attention to a challenge from the existence of metamers and visual illusions.

This volume is a collection of papers from a conference organized at the University of Edinburgh to honor the work and philosophical legacy of Timothy L. S. Sprigge (1932-2007).  (Obit here.) 

Thanks, also, to my friend Leemon McHenry, for the invitation to participate in this event.  Leemon (R), Fred Adams (L), and I (C) were colleagues together years ago at Central Michigan University.  It was great to catch up, especially in Edinburgh!

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