Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reply to Fisher Forthcoming

At the 2009 SSPP meeting, we had an "authors meet critics" session on Bounds featuring Justin Fisher, Larry Shapiro, Fred Adams, and myself.  Fisher's comments there were essentially his critical notice in The Journal of Mind and Behavior.  Having written up my comments for the SSPP event, it dawned on me that I might as well try to have them published.  So, The Journal of Mind and Behavior has accepted them.  The forthcoming manuscript is here.

I think Leslie Marsh has been spearheading the publication of papers on extended cognition at the JM&B. They also just published a Rob Rupert review of Andy Clark's Supersizing the Mind.

Fisher, J. (2008). Critical Notice of The Bounds of CognitionJournal of Mind and Behavior, 29, 345-357.

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