Monday, November 15, 2010

Future posts 11/16/2010

This week I'll be leaving off with the Runeson posts, then turning briefly to some largely supportive (for me) comments on Krist Vaesen's "Knowlege without credit, exhibit 4: Extended Cognition".  It is conveniently available for download here.

Next week I think I'll be turning to Sutton, Harris, Keil, and Barnier, (2010), "The Psychology of Memory, Extended Cognition, and Socially Distributed Remembering".  Marko Farino and Gary Williams have chided me about this one.  You can see the principal lines of my reply to Sutton, et al., over at Gary's blog.

After that, I'll have a few stray comments before, I think, returning to the TSRM paper.  Billing to the contrary, I don't think that TSRM solve either Fodor & Pylyshyn's Trivialization Problem or the problem of illusions.  The problems, indeed, interact.

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