Friday, December 3, 2010

Future posts 12/3/2010

For next week, I'm going to finish up with a few posts on Sutton's paper, then turn to Menary's "The holy grail of cognitivism: a response to Adams and Aizawa".  Menary seems to really take us to the woodshed, but I'll argue that appearances are misleading.

I'll also post a few comments on Gibson's (1979) treatment of the retinal image.  The short of it is he thinks that postulating a retinal image leads to a mental homunculus.  (Hence all the inferentialist denials of homunculi.)

I have some posts on TSRM in the hopper, but I don't have the whole paper under control.  Moveover, my post topics have not been all that focused this past week or so, so I'm hoping to get a coherent package of posts on TSRM together in the next two weeks.

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