Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Burge in the NYT

An excellent article.

The only nit I had to pick was that I did not get as much explication as I would have liked regarding representational accuracy.


  1. Others are less impressed: http://philosophyofbrains.com/2010/12/20/burge-against-neurobabble.aspx?ref=rss

  2. I prefer Gary Williams' critique (at Minds and Brains), although being a committed Rortian - hence, anti-representationalism - and an incipient O'Reganite wrt his sensorimotor view, I'm no doubt biased. But IMO, so is Eric, the main referent of my comment in the Gibson-retinal-image-4 thread about those who see little if any role in these matters for "arm chair philosophers" (AKA system architects/analysts) - and perhaps for psychologists as well.

  3. And others have liked it even less:

    I guess that my standards for popular work are just a lot lower than others. I thought that Noe had fine posts at NPR, even though I don't buy very much of what he has to say.